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I need help printing coupons.

If you're having problems printing your Earthbound coupon, here are some things to try:

1) Be sure that your printer is ready to print. Our coupon is sent straight to your printer; you won’t see it onscreen, and it won’t print to a file or PDF creator.

2) Our coupon doesn't print from mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Please use a laptop or desktop computer that’s connected (wired or wireless) to an actual printer.

3) Print from home instead of work. Some organizations’ firewalls won't allow users to print Java files like our coupon printer.

4) Our coupon printer works with PCs on Internet Explorer 8 or later, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox; it also works with Macs running OS X 10.6 and later on Safari or Firefox. If you’re just seeing a blank white pop-up or otherwise can't print our coupons using one of these, chances are good that you need to update your Java plug-in to the most recent secure version.

If you have a PC or are running OS X 10.7 on a Mac, you can update your computer's version of Java directly from Oracle here.

If you’re on Mac OS X 10.6, you can download a new version of Java directly from Software Update via the Apple menu. You may need to uninstall your old Java before installing the new one; consult the Help menu on your computer for instructions on how to add/delete programs.

To see if your browser is working with Java, test it here.

5) Try a different browser. Some users find that solves the problem without changing any other settings. In addition to the native browsers (Internet Explorer 8 or later on PC, Safari on Mac), our coupon printer will work with:

Firefox for Mac or PC — get a free download from Mozilla here

Chrome for PC — get a free download from Google here

6) Enable/allow Java and pop-ups in your browser settings. To help us defend against the growing problem of Internet coupon fraud, our coupons require Java in order to print.

If you’re on a PC, disable/uncheck the option to “enable online certificate validation” (if shown).

7) Turn off your pop-up blocker when you’re printing our coupon. Our applet uses pop-up boxes during the process; if they’re blocked, you won’t see the links you need to click to print successfully.

8) Allow/enable Java in any antivirus, security or network firewall software you're using.

If you get an error message saying that you’ve already printed the allowed number of coupons, or if you’re having another issue, please email us at Use the email account you used to sign up, and describe what happened in as much detail as you can; we’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot!

Please note that while we'll try to help you print our coupons successfully, Earthbound Farm can't guarantee that every individual computer configuration will be compatible with our coupon printer. You are responsible for maintaining your own system software and security; we encourage everyone to follow safe browsing habits online and to download programs only from trusted sites. Watch this Google video about online safety for some good tips about staying safe while you have fun online.

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