1 Plan To Shop Smart

Make a meal plan before you shop.

Having a plan for the week’s meals helps prevent food waste and ensures you won’t resort to less healthy, not-so-Earth-friendly foods. Check out EBFarm.com for delicious recipes to inspire you.

Take one big shopping trip each week.

Try to make ONE shopping trip for the whole week. You’ll save gas and cut down on unnecessary impulse purchases – reducing fuel, packaging and food waste all at once.

2 Be Package-Wise

Get REal about packaging.

Look for packaging that’s REusable, REcyclable and REsealable (preventing spoilage and food waste). Bonus points for packaging that’s made from REcycled materials.

Choose packaging with a purpose.

Try to avoid excessive or unnecessary packaging wherever possible, steering clear of packages with “decorative” additions or boxes that are too big for the product inside.

3 Be Choosy About the
Products You Buy

Buy just enough and use it up.

Buy only what you think you’ll really need, and use the food in your fridge before you buy more. It’ll unclutter your pantry AND keep forgotten food out of the landfill.

Choose foods that multi-task.

To ensure excess food ends up in happy tummies, not the trash can, build your meal plans around versatile products and look for creative 2nd and 3rd uses for your ingredients.

Seek out the (USDA Organic) seal.

Organic means no toxic synthetic pesticides, irradiation or GMOs were used in making the product. Choosing organic is an easy, surefire way to keep bad stuff out of the environment and your food.

Can’t pronounce it? Don’t buy it.

Always scan the ingredient label on the back of the package. Look for real ingredients that are close to their natural state. The Earth (and your body!) will thank you.

4 Just Say No to
Paper or Plastic?”

Bring your own shopping bags.

Every time you say "no" to a paper or plastic bag from your grocer, you’re saying “yes” to keeping trees in the ground, chemicals out of the environment and bags out of our landfills.

Now you're ready to…

Shop like the Earth depends on it!