Athletic Bodies

Whether you’re a daily exercise enthusiast or weekend warrior, your body needs to get enough of the right kinds of nutrients to fuel your activities. When you choose Earthbound Farm organic fruits and vegetables, you’re filling up on natural, healthy and delicious foods that can help you perform at your best.

Men and women have their own specific nutrient requirements. Choosing the right foods at the right time can help you feel great and support your body in your active lifestyle.

Smart Food Choices

Making the right food choices before and after exercise can enhance your performance and optimize results. 

Before a workout: About 30 minutes to 1 hour before exercising, snack on some dried fruits, such as raisins, dried plums or dried cranberries. These foods deliver concentrated energy that your body can absorb quickly. 

After a workout: Within 2 hours after a workout, a smoothie made with lowfat milk, a banana and a handful of berries will help replenish electrolytes, provide muscle-building protein and deliver re-energizing carbohydrates.

Throughout the day: Eating a wide range of healthy food throughout the day gives your body good nutrition and lasting energy. By combining Earthbound Farm organic fruits and vegetables with whole grains, lean sources of protein and lowfat dairy products, you can optimize your nutrient intake during meal and snack times to help you stay active all day long.

More Information for Athletic Bodies

These recipes feature ingredients that help meet an athletic body's nutritional goals.
  • Pancakes are always a treat, and these light, tender berry-studded stacks never fail to satisfy.
  • The salad is a study in contrasting flavors: sweet yams, earthy spinach, salty feta and assertive onion.
  • Dino kale is distinctively dark green in color and deeply wrinkled in texture. It's sweeter and more tender than regular curly kale, and it makes a lovely pasta sauce.

Did You Know?

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