Pregnant Bodies

Good nutrition before, during and after childbirth is vital for your health and your baby’s. When you choose Earthbound Farm Organic food, you’re getting delicious food that will start your baby off on a healthy path.

Since there’s some concern about how pesticides might affect the fetus, it’s wise to choose organic products while you’re pregnant. Earthbound makes it easy — with a wide range of healthy products and delicious recipes, you can easily satisfy your hunger with nutrients that are essential during this important stage of life.

Learning to Love Healthy Food

Did you know that, as a mom, you may be able to influence your child’s food preferences by eating healthy foods while you’re pregnant? Studies have shown that early exposure can help infants learn to enjoy certain flavors once they begin eating solid foods. By eating organic fruits and vegetables during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, and offering your child a variety of puréed organic fruits and vegetables often, you may help eliminate mealtime struggles with fruits and vegetables down the road.

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More Information for Pregnant Bodies

These recipes feature ingredients that help meet nutritional goals during pregnancy.
  • Here's a delicious twist on mashed potatoes that combines nutritious yams and apples for a side dish that perfectly complements roast chicken and pork.
  • Crunchy romaine, peppery arugula and bright parsley, tossed with a lemony shallot dressing and topped with creamy avocado and zesty Parmesan — a perfect combo for a light, fresh salad.
  • Packed into every sweet and wholesome square are 10 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, 15% of your daily requirement for calcium and iron, 70% of your vitamin A...and great flavor, too!

Did You Know?

  • We are what we eat.
    Cliché, sure...but food affects our bodies in intimate ways. If we don't want chemical pesticides in our bodies, it makes perfect sense that we don't want them in the food we eat, either. Eating organic is a great place to start.

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Nutrition expert and registered dietitian Ashley Koff answers your questions about eating healthy to keep your body strong & active.
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