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Ask Our Experts

Will Daniels and John Foster
Food Safety & Organic Integrity Experts

Will Daniels (left) is head of our Quality, Food Safety and Organic Integrity (QFSOI) program. He believes that maintaining our commitment to organic also means constant vigilance over the quality and integrity of our organic food.

John Foster (right), senior QFSOI manager, uses his years of experience as farmer, researcher, instructor and inspector to enforce our exacting organic standards from field to package.

Ask a question

How long can I leave my salad out of refrigeration? Sometimes I run errands after I do my grocery shopping.


Just like milk and eggs, salads are highly perishable. Time outside of proper refrigeration increases the likelihood that they’ll start to break down, even before the printed “Use By” date on the package. To protect the quality and safety of your salads, minimize the time they’re out of the refrigerator — keep them cold!      –Will


I’ve heard that I should wash even pre-washed salads before I eat them. Is that right?


Actually, our salad greens are washed extremely vigorously — it would be very difficult to get them as clean in a home kitchen. There’s no need to rewash Earthbound Farm salad greens; however, if you prefer to wash them again, be very careful that you use a sanitized sink and utensils so that no cross-contamination occurs with other foods you’re preparing.   –Will

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