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Organic & Cooking Expert

Back in 1984, before “organic” was a mainstream idea, Myra and her husband Drew founded Earthbound Farm with a little backyard garden and a roadside stand. Since then, she's become a guiding light in earth-bound cooking, sharing the environmental power and sensory pleasures of food in her three popular cookbooks, Straight from the Earth, The Earthbound Cook and Food to Live By

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What guidance can you give me if I can’t afford to buy all organic food?


I do understand! First of all, start with produce: 97% of our exposure to pesticide residues comes from consuming fresh produce — and some items have more residues than others. I pay attention to the Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide list of produce items that government tests have shown carry the most pesticide residues. We also keep their list in our Pocket Guide to Choosing Organic.

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