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Be Our Healthy Valentine!

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We like to think of February 14 as a time to remember that everything’s better when you do it together. So this Valentine’s Day, show your love in the ways that make you both happy…and then show it in ways that will help make you both healthier, too.

  • Make one organic. Pick a food your love or one that you and your family eat frequently — then commit to making it organic. You’ll help keep toxic synthetic chemicals out of your diet (and your body), and you’ll support a production system that keeps the Earth healthier, too.
  • Keep healthy foods at home. Stock up on fruits and vegetables. Shop together if you can, and share the choices; if that’s not feasible, keep the focus on good food by keeping fresh snacks visible. Healthy eating works better when it’s a family affair.
  • Pick restaurants that offer healthy options. It’s easier to opt for the roasted veggies over the fried cheese when you’re with someone who does the same, at a place where they know how to make healthy food truly delicious.
  • Share your fitness. Find something you both like and go together, whether it’s riding bikes, walking the dog or even playing one of the new stand-up-and-move video games. Research shows that having company boosts motivation and performance.

For Today’s Step, pick a point above and make a change this week. Just take a step and see where it leads. Then let us know how it goes in Comments below! 

We’ve got lots of delicious organic foods and terrific ways to prepare them — enjoy! 

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