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Build a Healthy Fruit + Greens Smoothie

March 2014

Smoothies are great day starters and afternoon rechargers. The whole smoothie trend is so big, in fact, that you can practically find one on any street corner!

But not all smoothies are created equal. Some are healthy but hard to get used to; others are yummy but packed with empty calories. Don’t fall for that "Extra-Hefty Caramel Fudge Bogus Whippy" — even without a recipe, these 5 simple steps will help keep your smoothie healthy AND delicious!

#1: Pick a base. Try about 2 cups of healthy liquid as the foundation of your drink — more or less to taste, depending on how thick you like your smoothie.

#2: Throw in a protein. Don’t skimp on this essential nutrient! Your body needs protein every day to build and maintain healthy tissues and blood cells, along with other basic functions.

#3: Add some fruit. Use fresh or frozen whole fruits to add 2-3 effortless servings of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your day’s take — and make your produce organic to keep synthetic chemicals out!

#4: Add greens. A handful of super greens will kick up your smoothie’s nutrients without weighing it down — and they play well with fruit, which is a bonus if you don’t like eating your greens straight up.

#5: Choose an add-in or two. Customize your smoothie with a little natural sweetness or some other extras — but don’t mask the fresh flavors of your other ingredients.

Celebrate brighter days to come with a light, lovely smoothie featuring coconut water, a little yogurt, some banana and pineapple, Earthbound Organic Power greens, and some healthy hemp seeds — you’ll be on your way to a Smoothie Spring!

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