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Count on a Better Feast

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Our friends at the Environmental Working Group have posted EWG’s Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving — counting some easy and effective ways we can make our feast better and healthier, right across the table, from turkey to potatoes, gravy to green beans. Did you know that:

  • …some experts estimate that the average person finishes off the equivalent of 3 sticks of butter at the Thanksgiving table? Check out the alternatives for flavor without — well, what can we say besides three sticks of butter?
  • …there are good reasons why pumpkins are a Thanksgiving tradition? Besides being versatile and delicious, pumpkins are packed with nutrients and generally low in pesticides.
  • …canned green beans are double trouble? They're on EWG's Dirty Dozen+ list and high in BPA, the can-lining chemical. Go fresh, frozen or for an altogether different veggie instead.

The EWG Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving, bulleted excerpts and the banner image shown here are ©2012 Environmental Working Group and reprinted with permission.

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