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A Day to Dote on Dad

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Father’s Day is right around the corner. Instead of buying a gift, why not spend some special time with him? Here are a few ideas — actually, they work any time of year! 

1. Share breakfast. The first meal of the day gives him (and you) a delicious, healthy start. Breakfast gets even better with organic ingredients like greens, berries and whole grains — try one of these yummy day-starters and see what his taste buds think: 

2. Do something together. Men’s bodies were designed to move. Go ride bikes, take a walk (with or without the dog), catch a game…or sit down and play a game he can beat you at (it is Father’s Day, after all). Staying active keeps us all healthier, and spending time together makes memories.

3. Let him know he was right…about something. Whether or not we took his advice, eventually we see that Dad made some good points over the years. Check out the Stingy Dad Guide to Father’s Day from our friends at TheDailyGreen.com for a timely green spin on traditional Dad Advice — maybe even share it with him!

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