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Do Some Good in the Dirt

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Getting your hands into the soil, in a garden plot or just on a window sill, does all kinds of good — not to mention, it’s a fun way to get your kids (and grandkids) involved in learning where their food comes from.

  • Gardening can be good for your budget — you don’t need acres of land to grow a garden that saves you money on food. You can even plant a little garden in containers on a deck or by a sunny window — we’ve got tips for growing your own salad in an Earthbound Farm salad container, plus more great kitchen gardening ideas from our friends at TheDailyGreen.com
  • Gardening is good exercise — it gets you out in the fresh air and provides all three important types of exercise: endurance, flexibility and strength. (Learn more from WebMD.com.)  
  • Gardening is good for your soul – it gets you away from worries, conflict and stress, calming your senses and engaging your creativity. Researchers have found that gardening offers physical and mental health benefits for older adults, and that being in nature regularly can be critical to children’s emotional and intellectual development.

And when you choose organic plants and materials for your garden, you’ll do good for the Earth, too!

Ready to dig in? Find a possible “garden spot” where you live. Will you try our salad container garden? Some fresh herb pots? Or do you already have a backyard garden going strong? Share your plans — or your harvest — in Comments!

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