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Does Eating Healthier Mean Eating More?

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We know the mantra: to control our weight and get healthy, we need to eat less and move more.

But at the recent Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, Barbara Rolls of Penn State University and Ellie Krieger, registered dietitian and host of the Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite,” proposed that fuller plates could lead to better health.

Now, don’t pile on the burgers and fries! Adding more healthy veggies is the way to go. Research shows that people tend to eat what’s in front of them, so if you’re going to clean your plate, “having that plate contain more nutrient-and-fiber-rich vegetables and fewer calorie-and-fat-laden meats and starches is the smart choice.”

A few more of Ellie Krieger’s “healthy full plate” tips:

  • Pump up flavor with fruit and veggie purées. We’re all familiar with subbing in applesauce for baked goods, but there are lots of other fruit and veggie options out there, especially canned puréed pumpkin and jarred baby foods.
  • Match textures. If you add veggies to your go-to recipes, try chopping or shredding them so they blend more closely into the original dish.
  • Don’t forgo fats entirely. A little cheese, butter or oil can go a long way toward making a dish taste luxurious — just make sure to measure.

As reported on Smartblog on Food and Beverage.


Take Today’s Step and add one or two fruits or vegetables to your plate at lunch or dinner this week. You know that here at Earthbound, especially in autumn, we love our leafy greens, our crunchy apples and our roasted veggies…what looks good to you? Share your tips and ideas in Comments below.

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