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Does Your Snacking Stack Up?

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A recent online survey by The Hartman Group found that Americans are snacking more than we used to. What was once an occasional treat has become part of our daily diet.

How do your snack habits compare?

  • On average, we eat 2.3 snacks a day — 41% eat 2 snacks, 24% eat 3 snacks a day.
  • More people eat snacks later — more than half of respondents said they snack in the afternoon and from 5pm-midnight.
  • Most people snack at home — more than 70% — while just 12% said they snack at work.
  • Many people (28%) snack as a bit of an indulgence; many others do it on impulse (27%) or as a result of stress (14%).
  • Here’s the kicker: more than half (57%) of respondents said that it’s important for snack foods and drinks to be healthy — but at the same time, what they reported snacking on most often were chips and soda!

To help keep your snacking on the healthy side, try keeping some whole organic fruit visible — maybe some apples and oranges in a pretty bowl on the table — or stocking the fridge with some cut veggies like organic celery and carrots (or other favorites), ready to go. Will that change your snack habits? Research says it probably will.

If your “snack tooth” leans more toward salty-crunchy than fruit or veggie, try some of our Healthy Trail Mix recipes. Easy and fun to make, healthy and delicious to eat!

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