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Don’t Water It Down — Flavor It Up!

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Staying hydrated is especially important when the weather is hot, but it’s easy to get tired of the same old watery choices. 

Our friends at EcoSalon.com have some fun ideas for keeping your cold drinks interesting:

  • Coffee: Cubes of frozen coffee (or frozen milk) can cool (or flavor) your coffee drink without diluting it.
  • Herbs: Add your favorite chopped herbs to the water in your ice tray for a light infusion of flavor. Mint and dried ginger are nice; we like fragrant fresh chamomile and lemon verbena. (Keep it healthy: choose organic and always rinse fresh herbs thoroughly before using.)
  • Coconut Water: Go frosty with this popular beverage trend for added nutrition in smoothies or spring water.
  • Wine: Seriously! Leftover wine won’t freeze as hard as water due to its alcohol content, but it can keep a sangria cool without making it watery — and it's great in recipes (the New York Times’ Mark Bittman likes using it like frozen stock).

Try freezing something new in your ice cubes. Fruit? Chocolate? What do you like? Experiment!

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