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Feast Accomplished

Feast Accomplished

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Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Now’s the time to plan. 

  • Make a guest list: Big family affair or intimate “friendsgiving”? Knowing who’s coming helps you plan the right amounts of everything.
  • Plan your menu: This doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Reach into your repertoire for easier-to-execute dishes so you have energy left over for something new. Pinterest, foodie sites (we love Food52) and recipe sites (like ours) are packed with the inspiration you need to bring, say, a Butternut and Baby Kale Stuffing to the table.  
  • Consider your ingredients: Try updating favorite dishes with healthier ingredients. And decide what’s most important to choose organic. Some Thanksgiving favorites, from apples to sweet potatoes, carry a lot of pesticide residues if they’re grown conventionally.
  • Order ahead: If you want an organic turkey (or are buying other prepared foods), ordering key items now saves stress later.
  • Shop ahead: Buy a few ingredients whenever you shop in the weeks ahead of Thanksgiving. Then you’ll only need to pick up select items and fresh produce right before the holiday. 
  • Share the fun: Decide which parts of the meal you’d like to own, and which you’d like to share. Or recruit a “kitchen squad” who can arrive early and help set up or tackle bigger jobs. 
Want more? Our friends at Epicurious have a comprehensive Thanksgiving Planning Checklist that covers every detail. 
The most important thing? Relax and enjoy all the things you’re thankful for this season!


I think I'll consider a
By: lauranefs

I think I'll consider a friendsgiving this year! What an incredible way to share how thankful I am for the amazing people in my life. #blessed 

Love this list! I am going to
By: Anonymous

Love this list! I am going to simplify this year and concentrate on sharing the love. Several family members are hurting due to job loss and death in the family. I want to bring the family together to enjoy simple, healthy food and good fellowship. Thanks, EB!

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