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From sweethearts & flowers to healthy heart habits — it’s American Heart Month, after all — February’s keeping us busy. Let’s warm up these winter days together!

Spinach Salad with Manchego and Blueberry Vinaigrette
Wake Your Winter Palate with Blueberries!
Try these delicious ideas featuring one of our favorite berries.
Clean out the leftovers and avoid food waste
Can You Eat Better by Eating Through?
What’s in your pantry can help you do more than wait for a winter storm to pass.
Eggplant and Spinach No-Noodle Lasagna
Nothing’s Missing Here
With hearty, delicious layers of veggies, marinara and cheese...who needs noodles?
3 Yummy Ways with Heart-Healthy Walnut Oil
4 Yummy Ways with Heart-Healthy Walnut Oil
This flavorful oil has benefits for your body — and your taste buds, too!
Heart-Healthy Vegetables
Heart-Healthy Veggies, Healthy Heart Month
In the month of hearts & flowers…let’s celebrate hearts and veggies, too!
Power Into Your Produce
Power Into Your Produce
Get your day going with this delightful fruit-forward + greens-anchored Power smoothie!
Take Your (Lunch) Time
Take Your (Lunch) Time
Do you eat fast? Slowing down — at least, a little — for your meal can really benefit your body.
Mixed Rainbow Chard with Tomatoes and Garbanzos
Taste a Savory Rainbow
Pull this dish together from pantry+freezer when you have a taste for deeply satisfying veggies.
Make Your Lunch Portable
Make It Portable!
Here’s one secret for a healthy lunch: make good food easy to grab when you’re ready to go.
Palate-Pleasing Pairs
Palate-Pleasing Pairs
In this romantic month, pair up delicious foods to ignite flavors worth celebrating!
Blend a Sip of Sunshine with Amie's Strawberry Cilantro Coconut Smoothie
Blend a Sip of Sunshine
This smoothie from our friend Amie Valpone banishes gray winter with bright & delightful flavor.
Put More Purple on Your Plate, Like This Purple Cauliflower
Put More Purple on Your Plate
More vibrant violet fruits & veggies are hitting the market. Here’s why they belong on your plate!
Easy Fruit Crisp
Warm & Wonderful Couldn’t Be Easier
Make Chef Sarah’s flavorful dessert in just minutes for unexpected guests or a sudden craving.
Organic and
Enough Is Enough
Do you think Organic and “natural” are the same? They’re not. Help us clear up the confusion!
Dark Chocolate Cherry Fondue
For Dessert with Love
Here’s a delectable, Valentine-shareable treat from our friend Shanon at The Curvy Carrot. Yum!
Heart-Healthy Fruits
Heart-Healthy Fruits, Healthy Heart Month
February has hearts & flowers…and these delicious fruits have a lot to offer your healthy heart!
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