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Freeze Your Own

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Your freezer is a powerful tool that can help you eat healthier. Doubling a recipe or cooking ahead of time, then freezing the prepared dish, is a great way to take advantage of abundant ingredients and to enjoy your own home-cooked favorites without sacrificing convenience.

Here are a few tips for the tastiest results:

  • Freezing simply preserves the food; it won’t improve its texture, flavor or quality. To get good-quality food out, put good-quality food in.
  • After you cook the food you’re planning to freeze, cool it quickly to keep it safe.
  • Package the food securely in a container (or wrapping) that’s designed for the freezer, in an amount that you’ll be able to reheat and use at one time.
  • Label each package with the name of the dish and the date it went into the freezer. If you can, include the number of servings and any special instructions — especially if you’re freezing food for another family member or a friend.
  • As soon as it’s packaged and sealed, place the food in the coldest part of your freezer until it’s frozen solid, then use it within a few months.

Take Today’s Step and download the useful Guide to Freezing Prepared Foods (PDF) from the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service — it includes a handy chart with these and other detailed tips for successfully freezing all kinds of foods. What will you make…and freeze? Share your ideas in Comments below!

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