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Get some breakfast insurance

Get Some Breakfast Insurance

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When it comes to the A-B-C’s of healthy living — the B has to stand for Breakfast.

Experts keep telling us that it’s the most important meal of the day. Why?

  • Food is your body’s only fuel. After the night’s fast, breakfast provides the energy and nutrients your brain needs to concentrate in the classroom and in the office. Research has repeatedly shown that breakfast skippers underperform on cognitive tests when compared to those who ate breakfast.
  • Breakfast helps you stay healthy. While breakfast eaters of all ages tend to maintain a healthy body weight, adults who habitually miss breakfast tend to have higher cholesterol, LDL and insulin levels (all precursors to heart disease and diabetes).
  • Skipping breakfast saps your willpower. When you hit that mid-morning wall, your body craves quick energy from sugar and carbs — so you’re much more likely to reach for high-calorie foods (like those giant muffins at the coffee shop).

If you’re often rushed in the morning, give yourself some “breakfast insurance” with easy-to-grab foods. Stock up on portable breakfast items like whole fruit, lowfat yogurt or cheese, whole grain breakfast bars or granola bars. Or bag individual portions from your weekend cooking, like peeled hardboiled eggs or healthy homemade muffins or bars. 

Then use your breakfast insurance and line up tomorrow’s breakfast tonight, so you can grab and go in the morning and know that you've got your family’s breakfast crunch covered. 

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