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Green Your Freezer Routine

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Using the right container will protect your food from the freezer’s cold and make sure it’s as delicious and nutritious when you take it out as when it went in. For best results, choose a container that’s:

  • The right size for the food
  • Easy to seal securely
  • Easy to mark clearly
  • Designed for freezer use, so it won’t crack or break its seal at freezing temps

Then green your freezer routine by choosing a reusable plastic or glass container instead of a disposable whenever you can. Rigid containers work for most foods and are especially good for liquids like soups, sauces, etc. They’re easier to organize in the freezer, too; many even do double duty by allowing you to reheat and serve from the same container. And — here’s the greener part! — they help reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic waste that goes into our landfills every year.

For Today’s Step in honor of National Freezer Month, take stock of your food containers and plan to go reusable instead of disposable the next time you freeze food. What are your favorite freezer tricks? Share your tips — and questions — in Comments below!

Want to know more? Visit The National Center for Home Food Preservation — a great resource for all kinds of ways to preserve and store delicious food from the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Enjoy!

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