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Heart-Healthy Fruits

Heart-Healthy Fruits, Healthy Heart Month

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Did you know that February, prime time for hearts and flowers, is also American Heart Month? Not to put too fine a point on it, but…we heart healthy hearts!

Keeping your heart healthy means doing healthy things for the rest of your body, too — and that means eating right. Instead of reaching for salty, high-calorie snacks, grab some luscious, juicy fruits. Fresh, frozen or dried, they’re delicious at any meal. Your taste buds will love the flavor, and your heart will love the important nutrients that help keep it strong!

How do these nutrients in your food help your heart?

  • Flavonoids are antioxidants found in plants, and they help keep your arteries healthy, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and decrease inflammation.
  • Fiber helps keep your appetite satisfied so you don’t reach for unhealthy foods.
  • Antioxidants like vitamins A, C, E and K help fight heart disease and support your immune system.
  • Folate (vitamin B9) helps make healthy red blood cells and maintain your nervous system; it’s especially important for developing fetuses.
  • Calcium and potassium help regulate your heartbeat.
  • Magnesium helps regulate heart rhythm and control blood pressure.

Get more heart-healthy living info from the American Heart Association.


Id appreciate some help with
By: workingtonlass

Id appreciate some help with printing your coupons.  I thought my old computer was at fault but I purchased a new computer and still have the same problem.  It says I don't have Java even after I've downloaded it.  I use Macs and Safari.

Coupon Help
By: jean

I'm sorry you've had problems with our coupon. Our Coupon Help page (https://www.ebfarm.com/coupon-help-FAQ) has some tips to try, sort of a "first level" of troubleshooting to help you get printing...but if you go through those steps and it's still not working for you, please email me at OB@ebfarm.com and I'll be happy to help. ~Jean at Earthbound

 Same thing have an apple
By: yammyhauler

 Same thing have an apple puter and no java would love some help with printable coupons......

Jacki - Apple and Java
By: jean

Jacki, you can use Java with OS X 10.6 or later. Check out our Coupon Help page at https://www.ebfarm.com/coupon-help-FAQ for tips. If you try those steps and it still doesn't work for you, please email me directly at OB@ebfarm.com and I'll be happy to help you troubleshoot. ~Jean at Earthbound

mine didn't print either then
By: lchilds716

mine didn't print either then  I thought I had downloaded the printing site and  tried again but it didn't work either.  Now I have used up my 2 limits and still no coupon.

Leslie C - coupon print
By: jean

Hi, Leslie - I'm sorry you're having problems with our coupon. Did you see the "already printed twice" error message when you tried to print again? If so, please email me at OB@ebfarm.com and I'll be happy to help you troubleshoot. ~Jean at Earthbound

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