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Here Come "The Greenhorns"

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Farming isn’t easy. Mother Nature can be unforgiving; even when she gives you a break, often other people don’t. But documentary filmmaker Severine von Tscharner Fleming (a farmer herself) finds powerful reasons for hope among “The Greenhorns," a featured film in the Do Something Reel Digital Film Festival™.

A new generation of young farmers, from farmers’ descendents to ex-suburbanites, from inner-city gardeners to children of farm workers, feels a deep desire to produce good, honest food. Resourceful and tenacious, they improvise and invent new ways to get the land, capital, education and business tools they need to support their farms — and reach out to open-minded consumers. It’s an enlightening and touching story for anyone who eats.

Brought to you by Whole Foods Markets (and proudly sponsored by Earthbound Farm), Do Something Reel showcases stories about food, environmental issues and everyday people with a vision for a better world. Watch the trailers for free or rent the films online; proceeds support the American Film Institute’s Silverdocs program for filmmakers in the green genre.

Earthbound Farm began from our own a “greenhorn” story almost 30 years ago. (Last summer, our co-founders got a visit from Tom Russo, the original owner of the farm where Earthbound started: It All Began With Raspberries.)

Photo from “The Greenhorns,” 2011

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