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How to Choose Your Summer Treats Wisely

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It’s hard not to love ice cream, frozen yogurt…all the yummy frozen treats of summer. We asked our friend, registered dietician Ashley Koff, how to make wise choices, nutritionally speaking. Here’s her answer:

  1. The first rule for making a good decision about a dessert or summer sweet is to figure out what you really want/need. What do you love about ice cream or frozen yogurt or summer treats — the smoothness, the coldness, the sweetness? Whenever you pick a summer dessert or sweet treat, think about what will satisfy you the most.
  2. The second rule is portion control. If you practice portion control, you really can have your favorite summer dessert and eat it, too.
  3. The third rule is to keep in mind that quality matters a lot in terms of how your body absorbs nutrients. Your body knows what to do with food, but chemicals can confuse it — so stick with organic ingredients without GMOs, pesticides, artificial colorings, and no hormones or antibiotics.  

Take Today’s Step by choosing your favorite summer treat and applying one or more of Ashley’s principles. Then share your strategy with us below in Comments or on our Facebook page. We all love a good treat, right?

Ashley Koff, RD, is a registered dietician and regular contributor to “Good Morning America,” the Huffington Post, the New York Times, CNN, Women’s Health, and more. She’s as passionate about the benefits of organic food as we are.


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