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How Veggies Make a Meal… and You a Hero

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Most people have go-to recipes that appear frequently on their table: chicken, pasta, fish, beef, etc. Does it really make any difference if you add veggies to the meal?

Researchers at Cornell University found is that serving vegetables with a meal actually makes a big difference. When vegetables accompanied a meal, eaters thought that the main entrée tasted better…and that the person who prepared it was a better cook and a better person!

In the US, most of the vegetables we eat are consumed at dinner, yet only about 23% of all Americans serve vegetables with the evening meal. Beyond adding important nutrition and dietary fiber to our diets — sure, that’s an easy advantage to see — it appears that serving a vegetable with a meal has other perceptual effects that may just help us learn to love our veggies more…or at least, motivate us to serve them more often.

Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab even made an intriguing video about it:


Take Today’s Step and add a vegetable to your dinner tonight. If you were already planning a salad or a side…why not both? Choose organic and get the double advantage of a food that’s good for your body and the Earth, too. What’s your favorite veggie, and how do you like to prepare it? Please share your favorites in Comments below — then we’ll all have a new way to add appeal to our dinner tables!


Learn more about the study from Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab website.

Looking for ideas? We’ve got great veggie recipes waiting for you in our Recipe Center, searchable by ingredient and more. Bon appetít!

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