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Ideas for Labor Day's Summer Soirée

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During August, we’re thinking of a Summer Soirée for Labor Day weekend. Time to decide on a theme.

Whether you go big or small, keeping the party details relaxed will help reduce stress (good for you) and reduce waste (good for the Earth).

Check out these ideas and resources:

  • Visit Martha Stewart! She’s got great ideas for relaxed ways to Celebrate Labor Day. Using vintage, recycled and recyclable items to decorate and serve keeps things both green and gorgeous — and that’s a good thing.
  • Got a garden? See how a band of neighbors responsible for Philadelphia’s Bodine Street Community Garden celebrated with a lovely summer party in their green space.
  • Let fun food and drink set an exotic mood. Plan a tropical Labor Day Luau or a New England Clambake. No beach? No problem, try the Minimalist’s Clambake in a Pot!
  • Turn your backyard or deck into Barbecue Central. While you’re the Grillmaster for the star menu attractions (animal, vegetable or both), your guests bring their own fresh summer favorites as potluck. Fill the menu with delicious, healthy foods to keep everyone light on their feet for games, dancing or other fresh-air activities.

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