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It’s Your Right to Roast (Veggies)

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One of the best ways to get people to eat more vegetables is to give those veggies a flavor boost — by oven-roasting them!

Humble organic veggies like carrots, potatoes, onions, beets, broccoli, cauliflower (and many others) go from ordinary to extraordinary when you free them from the cooking pot and spread them on a baking sheet. Let the oven do the work and you’ll free up prep time and stove space for the rest of your meal.

Why roast?

  • Tastes great: Oven roasting concentrates a vegetable’s flavor and brings out its natural sweetness.
  • Preserves nutrients: Water cooking methods like boiling (or even steaming) can send flavor and important nutrients (especially water-soluble vitamins like C and B complex) into the cooking water and down the drain. Roasting vegetables helps preserve the nutrients inside the vegetables and actually increases their bioavailability to your body.
  • Reduces fat and calories: Roasting doesn’t require much fat (or its calories). You can even use roasted veggies to replace fats in recipes for mashed potatoes, sauces, cream soups and casseroles.

Want more roasting inspiration? Check out Eating Well’s roasting guide for lots of different vegetables, or try WebMD’s tips for using roasted veggies in your cooking. You might never go back to steaming!

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