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Happier, healthier living.
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healthy start

Begin the new year with new ideas. We’re finding ways big and small to help you get healthier and live happier. Join us!

You're roasting what?
You’re Roasting What?
Steam, okay. Sauté, fine. But to really rev up the flavor of your veggies, you want to roast.
Roasted Twofer - Dino Kale and Cauliflower
It's a Roasted Twofer!
All you need is a hot oven, a roasting pan, some oil and salt to make these veggies your favorites.
Clean eating? Eat fewer rocks (salt, that is)
Clean Eating? Eat Fewer of These Rocks
What? Salt is the rock we eat. And we need to eat less of it. How? Make flavor your guide.
Garlic Roasted Broccolette from The Earthbound Cook
This Green Veg Is Lovin’ the Oven
Roasted with garlic, olive oil and sea salt, broccolette becomes a simple yet spectacular side dish.
Best foods for your best workout
Best Foods for Your Best Workout
What you eat affects how you feel and how you perform. Eat right to do your best!
Get your delicious antioxidants here!
Get Your Delicious Antioxidants Here!
Fight off damaging free radicals (uh-oh) under a colorful banner of yummy fruits and veggies.
Cauliflower 3 Ways
Cauliflower 3 Ways
Organic cauliflower: seriously nutritious, surprisingly versatile & flat-out yummy. Here’s proof!
What's in a Label?
What’s In a Label?
Front and back, it’s the info you need to make smart choices — for yourself and for Mother Earth.
Winter Citrus Salad
Banish Winter Blues with a Sunny Salad
Bright citrus is a perfect antidote to gray winter — this healthy salad has flavor & cheer to spare!
Change it up - new ingredients in regular recipes
Change It Up
Slip a new ingredient into a frequently used recipe — try these tasty suggestions from Chef Sarah.
Why Choose Organic in 2014?
Why Choose Organic in 2014?
A new year is 365 chances to do better. Be healthier. Taste yummier. Go…organic!
Kids Eating Fruits & Veggies? No Problem!
Kids Eating Fruits & Veggies? No Problem!
Getting your kids to eat produce can be a challenge, but you can do it with these easy ideas.
Turkey Meatball Sliders
Kid-Sized Cooking
Yummy pint-sized burgers can help get kids interested in making and enjoying healthier foods.
Find What Works
Find What Works for You
Now’s a great time to get healthy activity onto your daily menu — find something you like and go!
Get Moving!
Get a Move On!
A little physical activity each day adds up to a lot of good — here are some ideas to get you going.
1 Day, 7 Servings of Produce, No Problem!
1 Day, 7 Servings, No Problem!
Squeezing 7+ servings of produce into your day might seem too hard to do, but it’s not. Here’s how.
How big is a serving?
How Big Is a Serving?
A serving of produce is smaller than you think! It’s not so hard to get your recommended amount.
Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus
Not Your Traditional Hummus
Brighten up your hummus with a purée of sweet roasted peppers for a yummy dip or sandwich spread.
Eat more veggies, be happier!
More Produce = More Happy
Who doesn’t like a good mood? Researchers say eating 7+ servings a day makes us measurably happier.
Pearl Couscous with Mushrooms, Spinach and Feta
Try a Side of Pearls (Couscous, That Is)
Jazz up your couscous with fresh mushrooms, baby spinach and toasted pine nuts — yum!
3 Ways to Find Your Clean Eating Groove
3 Ways to Find Your Clean Eating Groove
The start of the year is a great time to create some new food habits you can really feel good about.
Hot & Healthy Breakfast: Multigrain Hot Cereal with Apples and Raisins
Give Yourself a Hot & Healthy Breakfast
Your body needs energy in the morning — here’s a brilliant and delicious way to start your day.
Food is your body's only fuel - high-quality food helps it work well
Food Is Fuel
Our bodies run (or not) on what we eat. Eat healthier to be healthier…be healthier to live happier.
Kale Lemonade
Whip Up a Fresh Thirst Quencher
Kale lemonade is a delightful combo of smooth greens and clean, bright citrus that’s easy to love.
Just Juice It
Just Juice It with Chef Sarah
Juices are a delicious way to eat more fresh produce. Try our faves from Earthbound’s Chef Sarah!
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