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july 2013
Love the Earth? See a National Park!
During this patriotic month, we can't think of a better way to celebrate our nation’s incredi...
Try a Taste of California
Our co-founder, Myra Goodman, created this salad to celebrate some of California's most popular foo...
Use Our Healthy Road Trip Checklist!
Here are some easy ways to make your trip healthier, more delicious…and more fun!
We All Lost 20 Pounds Last Month
You may not think of a compost pail the way you would a favorite kitchen gadget — but changing th...
What’s Your Favorite Kitchen Tool?
Like a go-to recipe, most of us have a well-loved item that makes our kitchen tasks easier, our food be...
Summer-Fresh and Sophisticated
When you want the flavor of summer with a sophisticated twist, this light and elegant mango dessert wil...
Make a Salad with Wow!
Some people raise their eyebrows when they see this unusual salad of strawberries, tarragon, blue chees...
Enjoy a Summertime Favorite
This sublime summertime favorite needs no introduction! Fresh sweet peaches, dripping with juice, make ...
Scallops + Greens = Amazing!
When you have very fresh sea scallops, their sweet, succulent taste doesn't need a rich sauce.The t...
Shop with a Greener Eye
One of the most powerful ways that we — as consumers — can change the marketplace is to &ld...
Summer Means Berries!
Especially in summertime, when berries are at their peak, we want to enjoy them in every way we can ima...
Myra’s Raspberry Maple Quinoa & Corn Muffins
This week marks 29 years since my husband Drew and I moved onto our 2-1/2-acre backyard garden in Carme...
What to Buy Organic: Strawberries
When you’re hungry for sweet, juicy strawberries, choose organic — here’s why:Delicio...
Invite This Star to Your July 4th Picnic
Earthbound Farm co-founder Myra Goodman grows different types of new potatoes in her garden, and this r...
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