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Kids Eating Fruits & Veggies? No Problem!

Kids Eating Fruits & Veggies? No Problem!

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Growing bodies need fruits & vegetables. How much depends on their age, but the best way to teach your kids healthy eating habits is by eating healthy yourself.

  • Breakfast: the wake-up habit. It gives kids critical energy that they need to stay focused on learning and participate in activities. Add berries and raisins to cereal; top a waffle with yogurt and banana; spread whole grain toast with nut butter and sliced apple, or fold it into a to-go sandwich with the fruit tucked inside.
  • Lunch: satisfying & fun. Try this basic formula: lean protein + whole grains + fresh produce + sensible treat = a healthy lunch they won’t trade away. A small investment in attractive containers (like these or these) and cool bags (like these) makes appetite-appealing sense (and reduces waste, too).
  • Snacks: healthy refueling. Snacks help kids keep going. Whip up a delicious smoothie with fruit and greens. Let the kids grab their own: keep whole fruit on the kitchen counter; cut veggies into bite-size shapes for dipping into yogurt, hummus or nut butter; bag individual healthy trail mixes.
  • Dinner: a family affair. Kids who help in the kitchen eat healthier, too. Get your kids involved (10 great ideas here), and lead with veggies: roast crunchy veggie chips; skewer different-colored vegetables together as finger foods; let the kids season veggies with fresh herbs, shredded butter or cheese as “their creation.”

When they learn that what comes out of their own kitchen is better than anything from a package, your kids will be eating healthy for life! 

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