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Know Your Bugs

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At Earthbound Farm, we’re organic. We don’t rely on an arsenal of deadly synthetic pesticides to kill pests; instead, we use Earth-friendly methods to keep those crop destroyers in check.

Some of our best allies in the fight against the bugs that destroy our crops are actually other bugs! These beneficial insects help us by preying on pest insects. We attract them by planting borders around our fields with plants that the good bugs like to call home, so they’re close by and ready to chow down when the bad bugs come around.  

Download our Beneficial Insect ID Chart (PDF 2.1MB) to see some of our most powerful insect allies and the pests they prey on. Many of these good bugs can work in your garden, too, reducing the need for less eco-friendly means of defending your flowers, fruits and veggies from unwanted visitors. Let us know how your garden grows in Comments below!

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