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A Ladybug's Road Trip

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One of the things we love about our region of the country — California and the West — is that you never know when you’ll discover something new. Sometimes amazing things are right under your nose....even if you’re a ladybug!

Meet Lilly the Ladybug, and tag along as she finds a new home and new friends on our organic farm in our activity book for kids. Lilly’s story helps youngsters learn about what makes an organic farm special (and such a great place for a ladybug)! 

  • A story to read
  • Pages to color
  • Fun stuff to learn & do

Take Today’s Step and download our activity book for your favorite young one(s) — it’s a perfect backseat activity during a summer road trip!

Download “Organic Farming with Lilly the Ladybug” (PDF, 12 pgs, 6.55 MB)

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