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Make the O in Your Jack o’ Lantern Organic

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Another reason to love fall: decorating with pumpkins and winter squashes! Their crazy sizes, shapes and colors work for all kinds of fun ideas.

  • Carve your pumpkins (not just for Halloween). Engrave patterns in the skin, or just paint the surface and avoid blades altogether.
  • Big pumpkins will shine with some soap and elbow grease. Hollow them out to make room for a watertight container filled with water and flowers for a spectacular party centerpiece.
  • Little pumpkins make gorgeous votives. At our Carmel Valley, CA, Farm Stand, Special Events guru Janna Jo uses a drill (very carefully) with a 1.5” hole saw to open the top; then she hollows out the inside with a melon baller to leave a clean shell with thin walls (about half an inch or less). Pop in a tea light to make the whole little pumpkin glow!
  • Don’t forget the pumpkin seeds! Our Brined Pumpkin Seeds make a crunchy snack while you work.

If possible, make the O in your Jack o’ Lantern stand for Organic. Winter squashes are #28 on the Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide, the list of produce that carries the most pesticide residues when grown conventionally. No one needs pesticides in their decorations, right?

Decorate your space with the pumpkins and other beautiful fall materials available now where you live. Share your ideas in Comments, or post pics on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram (tag #earthboundfarm so we can follow along)!

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