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Meet Some New Friends

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Fresh herbs can make a good dish great. Once you learn how to use them (check out this guide from Cooking Light), they can be some of your best friends in the kitchen. We like them so much, we have a Cut-Your-Own Herb Garden at our Farm Stand in Carmel Valley, CA!

Here’s a handy way to identify some of the different herbs that are becoming more popular in home cooking today: our Fresh Herbs ID Chart (PDF 1.3MB).

You can find fresh herbs in well-stocked grocery stores, which are starting to carry some varieties year-round. Choose organic herbs whenever you can, so you know that you’re adding fresh, pure flavor to your food (not the pesticide residues that can persist on conventionally grown produce).

And if you have a sunny window or two, many — like basil, oregano, thyme and others — are easy to grow indoors, so you never have to be without their delightful flavors.

Download our Fresh Herbs ID Chart (PDF 1.3MB), then head to the store and make some new herb friends in the produce aisle. Or test your green thumb and grow your own. Or both!

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