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Our New Organic Ally: Your Child’s Pediatrician

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This week saw the release of another study on the health benefits of organic foods — this one a report by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for the November issue of the journal Pediatrics. It’s good advice to parents and pediatricians about the many benefits of organic, especially for kids, including:

  • Lower exposure to pesticides known to cause disease
  • Lower exposure to drug-resistant bacteria
  • Higher beneficial nutrient levels such as vitamin C, total phenols and phosphorus
  • Lower overall environmental impact than conventional farming

Amid all the confusing and often conflicting marketing messages about how to choose healthy food, this is a big story from an authoritative source.

And it’s why we do what we do at Earthbound Farm. We believe that every body deserves the healthiest, most delicious and safest food possible — find out how we do it on our Every Body Deserves Safe Food page.

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