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The Procrastinator's Thanksgiving

The Procrastinator's Thanksgiving

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Final countdown to Turkey Day…but you weren’t planning to host Thanksgiving dinner back when Martha Stewart’s November issue hit your mailbox. Uh-oh.

You can still pull off a delicious feast at the 11th hour! Here are a few of our tips for surviving — and serving up a satisfying meal — on Thanksgiving.

  • Marshall the troops. Ask every guest to bring a favorite Thanksgiving dish from their childhood. They all come with a memory to share, and you’ll be off the hook for a bunch of time-intensive side dishes. (Maybe you’ll even find a new favorite.)
  • Pare it down to the essentials. No need for two kinds of potatoes, three veggie dishes and four pies. Choose one of each, and do that one well.
  • Outsource the tough stuff. Making good gravy isn’t child’s play, so let the experts at your local grocery or deli do it. Same with the pie; nobody’s crust turns out as good as the pros’. 
  • Take it easy. Occupy your guests pre-feast with easy pre-cut fresh veggies, baked chips or whole grain crackers paired with a quick, delicious dip like Baja Artichoke Dip or Spinach Yogurt Dip.

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