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A Secret for Healthy Eating

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Writing in the New York Times, food columnist and author Mark Bittman says, simply, “We must figure out a way to un-invent this food system.”

He makes a compelling case. Nothing, he contends, affects public health in our country more than food. The way we feed ourselves has produced epidemic levels of heart disease, cancer, strokes and diabetes, which together account for nearly half of all deaths every year.

What’s the answer? Something you might not expect: “Patience.”

If we really want to make healthy changes to the way we eat, we won’t succeed if we’re in a rush. Changes that “stick” tend to happen slowly, whether in our own kitchens or in the bigger marketplace outside.

So we don’t give up — we persevere by:

  • Re-educating our taste buds to love healthy flavor;
  • Stretching our budgets around healthy food;
  • Choosing organic for those items we eat most often (or which carry the highest pesticide residues) — that’s especially important for children, whose growing bodies are so much more vulnerable than adults’;
  • Buying healthy and organic foods instead of unhealthy, highly processed ones — when we vote with our pocketbooks, the food companies will listen…and our system will change.

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