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Snack Attack

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Eating better — and getting your kids onto the healthy eating track, too — means no snacking between meals, right? Not so fast!

According to KidsHealth.org, kids need to refuel more than 3 mealtimes a day. Kids need energy — especially if they’re really active — and their stomachs are small, so they need to eat more often than adults do. Experts say that snacking on the right foods can actually help kids avoid overeating at mealtime, according to WebMD.com.

Kids and adults alike can get tired and grouchy mid-morning or mid-afternoon (which is why breakfast is important). The right snack at the right time can be just the thing to keep the day going strong — for both of you!

  • For great snacks, try fresh fruit, dried fruits and nuts, yogurt, cut veggies, cheese or even a piece of whole grain bread.
  • Avoid high-sugar, high-fat treats with no real nutrients.
  • Eat only if you’re hungry. You might wait if mealtime is close; but if it will be awhile, a healthy snack gives brain and body long-lasting energy.
  • Choose organic for flavor without pesticide residues — especially for kids, whose growing brains and bodies are so much more vulnerable to environmental exposures.

Stock up on with delicious, healthy snack foods (like our organic Apple Slices, Mini Peeled Carrots and Dippin’ Doubles, and dried fruit) to tuck into your kids’ backpacks (and your bag). What kind of good snacks attack at your house? 

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