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Switch to a Brighter Idea

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Here’s a bright idea for this weekend: switch a light bulb and make a difference for your wallet…and the environment.

Compact fluorescents (or CFLs) were the first to earn the Energy Star label in 1999; today’s Energy Star-qualified CFLs offer a number of styles that deliver better light than ever before.

  • Changing just one traditional bulb for a CFL can save you about $6 a year in electricity, or $40 or more over the life of the bulb.
  • CFLs and other Energy Star lights use about 75% less energy and last at least 6 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Energy Star lights generate about 75% less heat, too, so they can be safer to use (and help reduce your home cooling costs).

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, if every American home replaced just 1 traditional bulb with an Energy Star light bulb, every year we’d save:

  • enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year
  • about $600 million in energy costs
  • 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions (like taking about 800,000 cars off the road)

Do the math: The average household has about 30 light fixtures. How many light bulbs could you change to save energy and help protect the planet? Or have you already made the switch? Tell us in Comments!

You’ll find lots more ways to be a smart energy consumer — and a smart shopper, too — at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star website.

At Earthbound, we work every day to reduce our environmental impact; check out Every Body Deserves a Healthy Planet and our Sustainability page.

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