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Time for a Summer Soirée

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Bright, sunny days and warm nights…fresh fruits and veggies ready for harvest from garden and farm…August is the glorious height of summer. So this month, we’re thinking of a Summer Soirée for Labor Day!

The dictionary defines “soirée” as a party held in the evening, and it sounds rather fancy. But we’re thinking of something Earth-friendly and relaxed, delicious and delightful — a fun get-together you can hold in your backyard any time of day, or pack up and take with you to your favorite getaway spot.

This month we’ll share tips and tricks to help you pull it all together for Labor Day weekend:

  • Coming up with a party theme
  • Easy green decorating
  • Fun menu planning, recipes and more

Up for some fun? Circle Labor Day weekend on your calendar. Where will you be: in your backyard, a local park, your favorite getaway? Let’s plan accordingly!

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