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What’s Your Favorite Kitchen Tool?

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Like a go-to recipe, most of us have a well-loved item that makes our kitchen tasks easier, our food better or our cooking more fun.

Registered dietitian Katherine Brooking asked some of her friends for their top picks in “Nutritionists' Favorite Healthy Kitchen Gadgets”:

  • Use your favorite oil in a kitchen mister instead of buying cans of cooking spray.
  • A hand-held mandoline with a finger guard makes slicing veggies quicker (and safer).
  • Color-coded cutting boards help keep foods like raw chicken and fresh veggies separate.

So we asked some Earthbound staffers for their best kitchen helpers:

  • My 6-inch Robert Kramer/Shun chef's knife. Perfect blade, perfectly balanced handle. Yum.
  • My immersion (stick) blender is super for soup! Zap the soup right in the pot, then add some fresh herbs and serve with a plop of yogurt. And it can make creamy soups without adding cream.
  • Our Vitamix makes our breakfasts and lunches and sometimes dinners, too! Great for getting your daily servings of fruits and veggies (and for cleaning out the fridge).
  • My salad bowl! Seriously, I hate adding dressing once the salad's on my plate. And it's so pretty on the table.

Ultimately, our favorite tools help us eat better, not only by giving us better results but by helping us enjoy the process of creating our own food. And that’s healthier for everyone.

For Today’s Step, tell us about YOUR favorite kitchen tool. What does it help you make? Give your faithful favorite a well-deserved shout out in Comments! 

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