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What's the Top Snack Food in the US?

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We Americans may be struggling with an obesity epidemic, but it turns out that our favorite snack food is actually a healthy one: fresh fruit.

Fresh fruit is the #1 snack food in the US, eaten more often than chocolate (#2) or potato chips (#3), according to “Snacking in America” from researchers The NPD Group.

  • Fruit is the favorite snack among all age groups
  • Mature folks 65+ eat the most, followed by kids under 12
  • Teens from 13 to 17 eat the least fruit, but they eat more of it as they get older

But when you snack, don’t just reach for any old fruit — reach for organic fruit. Of the top 20 items on the Environmental Working Group’s "Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce" (the produce items that carry the most pesticide residues when cultivated conventionally), 11 are some of the most popular fruits: apples, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, cherries and others. Choosing organic helps keep conventional agricultural chemicals out of your food, which is especially important for children, whose growing bodies are much more vulnerable than adults’.

For Today’s Step, go organic for your (or your kids’) favorite fruit snack this week. You'll help keep chemicals out of your food — and the environment — and you might agree with us that organic just tastes better, too! (We think you’ll like it enough that you won’t want to go back.)

Here’s an idea: dress up plain fruit with our delicious and kid-friendly Maple Yogurt Fruit Dip. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite snack when you’re hungry, on the go, or just trying to eat better? Tell us in Comments below! 

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