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Why Cast Iron?

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Amid all the sophisticated (and beautiful) cookware on the market today, one type of cookware still stands out after generations of use. You know the one: cast iron. Our co-founder Myra Goodman explained why she likes cast iron pans so much in The Earthbound Cook:

  • Generally made from recycled scrap iron, making them affordable and eco-friendly
  • Virtually nonstick when seasoned properly (with no chemical coatings to flake or chip off into your food)
  • Prepares a large variety of foods — from baking and braising to grilling and sautéing at very high temperatures without damage
  • Travels seamlessly from stove to oven to table, where (with a trivet) it will keep the food warm during a meal

If treated well, cast iron gets better with age — your grandmother’s skillet actually has a better nonstick surface than one purchased in the 1990s!

Consider adding a cast iron skillet to your kitchen tools…or dust off the one that’s been sitting — waiting for you — in the back of the pantry...and join the generations of cooks who have loved their cast iron cookware!

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