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Why Choose Organic in 2014?

Why Choose Organic in 2014?

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It’s a new year…365 shiny new chances to do something better. Make ourselves happier.

And every day, we’ve got at least 3 new chances to eat better. Enjoy delicious flavors. So that’s 3 times 365…do the math. A lot of potential deliciousness there!

And a lot of reasons to choose organic.

Why? It’s the healthiest choice for people and the planet. No toxic and persistent pesticides. No synthetic chemicals. No GMOs. No artificial ingredients. No doubts!

If you can’t make everything organic, set some priorities:

  • Choose organic for your kids. Growing bodies are much more vulnerable to environmental exposures than adults’, and that’s especially true of chemicals in food.
  • Go organic for selected items your family eats most. Not only will you kick up the flavor in your meals, you’ll be supporting organic farmers and entire organic food production businesses that act responsibly to provide good food and protect Mother Earth.
  • Make it organic if it’s on the list — the EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, that is. It’s a ranking of popular fruits and veggies by how much pesticide residue they carry when grown conventionally. They do the work, you do the eating. No worries!

When you choose organic, you’ve got a delicious new chance right in your hand. Enjoy!


I like your articles they are
By: slfise

I like your articles they are short and to the point! Can we get a healther PLANT? I grow some of my vegtables and find it hard to get kids to eat them? They won't try something NEW?

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