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Every Body Deserves a Healthy Planet

How we care for our planet is how we care for ourselves. It's that simple, but it's not always easy. At Earthbound, we've long seen that every choice we make, everywhere we work — from our organic fields to our sustainable packaging — counts.

We're constantly working to reduce our impact on the planet in every area of our business. Here are some "eco numbers" that show how far we've come...and we're not stopping!


  • In 2014 alone, Earthbound’s organic farming operations on nearly 48,000 acres will keep about 16.5 million pounds of synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides out of the environment.

  • Organic fields absorb carbon dioxide at an estimated rate of 3,670 pounds per acre each year; at our acreage, that’s the equivalent of taking more than 11,200 cars off the road annually.

  • We use 100% post-consumer recycled polyethylene teraphthalate (PCR PET) plastic for all our clamshell salad packages. PCR PET is made from plastic products, like soda and water bottles, that have been used and then recycled. It takes less than half the energy and creates less than half the CO2 emissions of virgin plastic to make our PCR PET. Recycle them again, if your local recycler takes them, and keep the re-cycle going!

  • Earthbound shipping cartons are made from 99% post-consumer/1% post-industrial recycled corrugate. With the amount of corrugate we use every year in our shipping cartons, compared to the 50% recycled corrugate we used before*, annually this switch saves:

    • 83,363 million BTUs (MMBTUs) of energy
      (about as much as 916 average homes use in a year)

    • 111.8 million gallons of water
      (enough to fill about 169 Olympic swimming pools)

    • 153,000 trees

    • 16.5 million pounds of CO2 emissions
      (about as much carbon dioxide as 1,503 cars emit in a year)

    • 9.8 million pounds of solid waste
      (about 352 fewer garbage truckloads sent to the landfill)

  • Since 1999, Earthbound Farm has planted trees with American Forests every year to offset greenhouse gas emissions from our energy use. To date, we’ve planted more than 740,175 trees, which will absorb about 337,063 tons of CO2 during their lifetimes.

  • Organic matters because its benefits make a difference — for the people who choose it and for the environment that produces it. That's why we became the pioneering leader in organic, verifiable and ecologically sustainable farming. And that's what makes your choice of Earthbound Farm count, too.

(Our environmental impact estimates were made using information from EPN's Paper Calculator.) 

Every Body Deserves a Healthy Planet

Making Healthy Choices

Ask a Nutrition Expert

Nutrition expert and registered dietitian Ashley Koff answers your questions about eating healthy to keep your body strong & active.

Did You Know?

  • Our food choices affect everyone.
    Animal food production is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so eating less meat cuts to the heart of our sustainability crisis. Choosing organic dairy provides nutritional benefits and supports the organic ecosystem. Selecting sustainable seafood helps defend overfished populations from extinction.
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