Easy Leaves

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Nutritional Benefits: 

Earthbound Farm Organic Petites are an excellent source of vitamin A, which plays a role in the maintenance of healthy eyes and skin; and a good source of vitamin C, which plays a role in wound healing, skin health and supporting a healthy immune system.

The vitamin C in this leafy lettuce mix also has antioxidant properties that, as part of a healthy diet, may play a role in reducing the risk of certain chronic diseases. And vitamin C can help your body better absorb plant-based iron. Try tossing up a salad with a variety of lettuces, like heirloom leaves, frisee and baby romaine — it’s a tasty way to maximize your nutrient intake! 

Why choose organic lettuces?

Like all leafy greens, lettuces can absorb impurities (like pesticides) that they’re exposed to as they grow — in fact, lettuce is #14 on the Environmental Working Group's “Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce” list, produce that carries the most pesticide residues when grown conventionally. You can lower your dietary exposure to pesticides substantially by avoiding the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables, and choosing organic for those items instead.

When you choose Earthbound Farm certified organic lettuces, you can be sure your greens have been raised without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, using farming methods that regenerate the soil and protect the health of the land and the people who work on it.

WhatsOnMyFood.org from the Pesticide Action Network shows you searchable results for vegetables like lettuce and a wide range of other organic and conventional foods. It’s an easy-to-use, empowering tool for learning about pesticide residues and their health effects for all of us.

Easy Leaves Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts: 
Nutrition FactFact Amount
Serving Size
about 2 cups, 3 oz (85 g)
1 g
Total Fat
0 g
2 g
1 g
EWG Rank (pesticide residues)
14 (lettuce)
Vitamins & Minerals % Daily Value
Category Nutrients: 
NutrientNutrient Amount
Vitamin A
90% - Excellent Source
Vitamin C
15% - Good Source
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