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Frisée, also known as curly endive (in French, frisée means curly), has long, slender and spiky leaves that fade from dark green on the outside of the head to pale yellow and white at the center.

Those feathery, exotic-looking center leaves have gained popularity on gourmet salad plates in recent years for their playful texture and distinctive, delicately bitter flavor. Frisée adds interest and texture to salads of tender leaves or baby greens, and it hold its own beautifully with strong flavors like bright citrus and salty bacon, or rich ingredients like cheese and nuts.

Why choose organic frisée?

  • When they’re grown conventionally, greens like frisée (and others in the endive family) absorb impurities like pesticides.
  • Choose Earthbound Farm certified organic frisée to be sure that it’s been grown without toxic synthetic chemicals, using sustainable farming methods that help keep those potentially dangerous chemicals out of the food supply and out of the environment. Plus, we think organic tastes better, too!

How to store frisée 

  • Earthbound Farm Organic Frisée and Frisée Blend are pre-washed and ready to use. Store it in the coolest part of your refrigerator in its original container. Be sure to consume it by the “use by” date on the package — but no matter what the date, discard any package with leaves that look discolored or wilted, or smell bad.  

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