Mini Peeled Carrots

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The earliest carrots are believed to have originated in Afghanistan, and they weren’t orange at all — they were purple, white, red, black, green, or yellow! By the 12th century, they’d arrived in Spain via Arab traders, and historians note that purple carrots were cultivated in parts of Europe by the 14th century. But it wasn’t until the 1700s that the common orange carrot we know today arrived on the scene. It’s thought to have been developed by the Dutch as a patriotic tribute to the royal House of Orange. Although today carrots are the most popular and familiar of the root vegetables, readily available year-round, in the 18th century they were considered an exotic novelty.

Commercial carrots are bred for uniform color and size, but there are actually numerous types of carrots — including dozens of heirloom varieties — that grow in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. Mini peeled carrots, sometimes referred to as “baby” carrots, are actually fully mature; they’re cut and sculpted from a special varietal that grows close together, resulting in smaller, more tender specimens.

How to store carrot snacks

Keep your Earthbound Farm Organic Mini Peeled Carrots and Carrot Dippin' Doubles in the refrigerator, and be sure to consume them by the date on the package.

Why choose organic carrots?

We believe that almost all fruits and vegetables have more flavor when grown organically because of the health and vitality of the soil — and that’s especially true of carrots, which grow in direct contact with the soil. We grow Earthbound Farm Organic carrots without synthetic pesticides, using farming methods that regenerate the soil and protect the health of the land and the people who work on it. Organic food is the healthiest choice for people and the planet — and we think organic carrots taste better, too! from the Pesticide Action Network shows you searchable results for vegetables like carrots and a wide range of other organic and conventional foods. It’s an empowering tool for learning about pesticide residues and their health effects.

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  • Carrots add colorful notes to vegetable dishes, and with their year-round availability, they're a convenient trick to keep on hand.
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