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Fresh Herb Rub for Meat and Poultry

This rub works well for both meat and poultry. (It's our house favorite at the Farm Stand for tenderloin of beef). At our Carmel Valley Farm Stand, we're fortunate to have our own organic  herb garden, which gives us a year-round supply of many fresh herbs. Substitute dried herbs  when fresh aren't available in your area.

8 Servings


¼ cup

coarse (kosher) or sea salt

⅓ cup

olive oil

2 tsp

chopped fresh rosemary

1 Tbsp

finely chopped fresh thyme

2 tsp

finely chopped fresh oregano

1 tsp

freshly ground balck pepper

3 Tbsp

chopped garlic


Mix all ingredients together to form a paste. Rub directly on meat or poultry, cover with plastic wrap, and cure overnight in the refrigerator before cooking.


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