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Meet Our Farmers

We started with a young couple from New York City in a backyard garden in California. Today, Earthbound Farm works with 200 dedicated organic farmers in diverse growing areas. Earthbound farmers are committed to growing organically because it allows them to work with Nature, not against it. Organic farming means they’re not bringing home toxic chemicals on their clothes and shoes that could harm their families. And it means they’re protecting the environment while sharing the benefits of organic food with millions of people each year.

Meet a couple of our farmers:

“Conventional farming made me feel like I was just using the land; I had a lot of weapons in my arsenal, but going to work meant going to battle every day. Organic farming brings me into partnership with the Earth to grow the best food possible in sustainable ways that protect the environment."
“We care about bringing people safe, high quality, affordable produce. There are a lot of costs that go into raising organic produce, but it’s still the best value when all the factors — the health of the environment it grows in, and what it will do for the health of the people who will eat it — are taken into account.”
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